I saw this in Where Woman Create (my favorite magazine)

" Never forget to believe in guardian angels, unexpected miracles, the power of hard work, the love of a forever friend, and the magic of four leaf clovers"

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As I sit and listen to music and contemplate my next move of creativity. My mind floods with ideas possibilities and dreams. Lyrics run in my mind as much as visions of upcoming ideas. I am truly in my element. I started in a Childrens Boutique in down town Edmond, OK in 2007. The name is Cinnamon Bears, Mary the owner has been such a blessing for my creative outlet. I am forever greatful for the opportunities. Selling my work in her store never gets old. I am just as excited today when someone purchases my creations, as I was the first day. Hope you enjoy some of what I do.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to the girl.

Brown and pink always a favorite with the antiqued glass feet.

New baby frame with a tulle bow super cute too.

Love, love, love this box.  Hope you do too.  Its fun and whimsy just the way I like it.  I'm having fun with these frames too.  I only have a limited number of these little frames so I'm trying not to do them all at once.  Any who I am working on some other things can't wait to share with ya.  So I better get busy.  I've got my music going, the kids are at school, the hubby's at work and my work area is calling my name.  Teehee!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How about a boy box?

Finally something boy.  This box is black with red and some brown antiquing.  It also has some gold spritzed on it. You just can't get too glitzy with the boys.  Bummer!  Then I followed up with a boy frame to boot. Who says hearts are just for Valentines Day!  I say they are for any day when love is involved.  Can't you just see an ultra sound pic in there.  Perfect to show off a little guys first sneak peak don't ya think.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's funny

Its funny how things come to you for no apparent reason.  I thought of this a decided to try and make one.  This is what I call an accessory stand.  It turned out pretty good.  So yes I marched on down to Mary's (Cinnamon Bears) and showed her.  We'll see what happens.  I don't think this is my big break though. Darn!  I'll just keep buying that lottery ticket because you never know.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Well the snow is just about gone.  As we all know its pretty the first day and then we like to get back to life as we know it.  Anyway for all you hopeless romantics this ones for you.  How about a heart shaped snow ball.  Gotta love it!!  Sweet isn't it.  Little Bella held this up in the window and of course I said wait let me take a picture.  So thanks sweetie for your ability to see the art in the everyday. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Shabby Chic"

how about a box and a window done in light pink and white with crystal knobs on the window.

Shabby Chic a favorite of mine.  So thought I would do something shabby chic for Cinnamon Bears.  Too cute this is.  All my boxes include this cute accordian insert for writting letters to your child.  I'm just finishing up a boy box and I will be posting that soon.  So bye for now.

Friday, February 4, 2011

"SNOW DAY" again and again and again.......

Snow Day its always fun at first!  Then as we all know here in Oklahoma it doesn't take to much before we are at a stand still.  We have had a pile of clothes, coats, shoes, gloves and towels by the front and back door for a week.  The kids go out and play and come in hungry.  As we sit in front of the TV to see whats pending for our next day.  Oh yes guess what no school again and again.  As the kids celebrate and plan another sleepover the moms deflate.  I think Ican, I think I can..... Anyway may as well have fun too and sled with them.  Here are a few pics of  "SNOW DAY" fun.