I saw this in Where Woman Create (my favorite magazine)

" Never forget to believe in guardian angels, unexpected miracles, the power of hard work, the love of a forever friend, and the magic of four leaf clovers"

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As I sit and listen to music and contemplate my next move of creativity. My mind floods with ideas possibilities and dreams. Lyrics run in my mind as much as visions of upcoming ideas. I am truly in my element. I started in a Childrens Boutique in down town Edmond, OK in 2007. The name is Cinnamon Bears, Mary the owner has been such a blessing for my creative outlet. I am forever greatful for the opportunities. Selling my work in her store never gets old. I am just as excited today when someone purchases my creations, as I was the first day. Hope you enjoy some of what I do.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Feeling Crafty?

There is a blog that I follow and just love it. by Kelle Hampton if you get a chance you should visit this blog she is truly lovely.  If you should decide to visit there is a place to click that says if you are new to this blog click here.  I urge you to do this.  So with that being said she posted a craft a few days ago.  I am always looking for fun that feeds my creative side.  So this is it.

Go to a craft store and get an unfinished wood frame, mod podge and pull out some old magazines.  Start clipping out pictures and words that stick out to you.  Also if you have other embellishments get those too.  For example any tissue paper scrapbook remnants little metal pieces you can paint, glitter and a glue gun.  The sky is the limit with this.  Let your kid inside lead the way.  See what you come up with.  Most of all have fun with an indoor project with your kids.  If you have any old henge's you can connect them and hang them on the wall.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Meg and Luke.
Where does the  time go?

Seriously I could make these all day.  I had as much fun finding cool sayings as I did adding them to the frame.  I think I'm gonna do my whole house.  Not really!  But really what else can I get my hands on.  Maybe I can do a henge one and show you later.  Have a supper day

Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Sign

What's new about this is the size.  It's 9.5 inches x 4.5 inches.  I had a request For a bigger
size. The back of the sign is always adorned with a decorative paper.  Pretty darn sweet!
The signs that I usually do are 7 x 2 a lot smaller (well maybe not a lot smaller) but cute too.  I'm digging the larger one however.  I might just start doing more of this size.  To bad I only bought one piece of wood this size or I would do it right now!
Hope everyone is having a SUPER DUPER summer!  While the heat gets to me it doesn't seem to bother my kids.  I can remember being that way once upon a time.  When we would walk miles to the water hole and swim in our unmentionables.  Just kidding I really did not do that!  Anyway keep it cool like temperature cool that is.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sweet Little Boxes

Little Mary Kate is 1 year notice the number 1

Grace is guess?

bet you can't guess this one

No really guess?

It's been a while since my last post.  So I thought the least I could do is update a bit.  I did these little boxes for a customer that wanted one for each grandchild and a number for each age.  I just think they will love these.  Well except for the youngest Grace.  She will probably wonder what the heck it is.  However, I know these little ones are just as precious as I think these little trinket boxes are. Hope they enjoy them.