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" Never forget to believe in guardian angels, unexpected miracles, the power of hard work, the love of a forever friend, and the magic of four leaf clovers"

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As I sit and listen to music and contemplate my next move of creativity. My mind floods with ideas possibilities and dreams. Lyrics run in my mind as much as visions of upcoming ideas. I am truly in my element. I started in a Childrens Boutique in down town Edmond, OK in 2007. The name is Cinnamon Bears, Mary the owner has been such a blessing for my creative outlet. I am forever greatful for the opportunities. Selling my work in her store never gets old. I am just as excited today when someone purchases my creations, as I was the first day. Hope you enjoy some of what I do.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some pics just like I said. Heehee

This is it.  The nest.  She put this together with what she could find.  Notice the trash.  poor bird.  Whatever it takes you know.

I think she thought these things while she was here. Like she imagined creating a more peaceful nest next time.  But then maybe this one served its purpose.  I would never want to belittle her hard work.

I zoned in on this because I thought oh wow look Imagine Peace! 

I liked this one too.  Because I try to do these things.  However I don't think a bird worries about such stuff. 

But if she did.  This is what she told her little babes.  I'm pretty sure.

The randomness of the mind.  I just thought this would look cool in a picture.  Love a fire that burns within us wheather it's someone or something.  This sits on my crazy work space.  Scarry huh!  For those of you that have seen my desk.

Here's a little glimpse of one area of my desk.  This actually looks a little organized. 

Instead of doing this blog this is what I should be doing.  Some unfinished business!  I'm going to it right now.  Well after I refill my cup of Joe. 
Have a blessed day!

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